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Animal Jokes

Animal Joke: 1
A woman and her friend are visiting the zoo. They are standing in front of the big silver back gorillas cage when one woman makes a gesture that the gorilla interprets as an invitation. He grabs her, yanks her over the fence, and takes her to his nest in the pen. There he ravishes her and makes passionate love to her for about 2 hours till he is tranquilized, and the lady taken to hospital.

Her friend, deeply concerned, visits her the next day. "Are you hurt?" she asks.

She replies, "Of course I'm hurt! He hasn't called! He hasn't written!"

Animal Joke: 2
What did the fish say when he hit a concrete wall? "Dam".

Animal Joke: 3
Where do you find a no legged dog? Right where you left him.

Animal Joke: 4
Why do you wrap duct tape around a hamster?

So it doesn't explode when you fuck it.

Animal Joke: 5
A blind man walks into a drug store with his seeing eye dog. He takes the dogs leash & starts swinging it around & around his head. The druggist says "May I help you?" The blind man replies "No thank you, I'm just looking around."

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